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X-men portraits by Randy Bishop (DA / FB / Web)

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i decided to color these sketches i did awhile back.

Sailor Scouts 2.0

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finally got around to watching this really amazing show i highly recommend it and i gotta go work in a few hours so id better get to bed lmao


✿ Sailor Moon

I never really watched Sailor Moon before. It was the cartoon that I always  miss out. I remember my dad bought sailor moon’s little doll for my sister and me when we were little. These girls were really cute! Although we always get confuse about some of these character’s gender (like sailor uranus), we still really like them. 

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セラムン by アガハリ on pixiv

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Drew some Sailor Moon girls tonight.




The works of Artist/Writer Ronald Wimberly

Tumblr: http://d-pi.tumblr.com 

Website: http://d-pi.com/dtv/

DA: http://d-pi.deviantart.com

Want a tshirt of tmnt art

The homie leseanthomas posted this quiet love letter and now it’s got over 800 notes?! What’d I do to deserve such good friends?!

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Cartoon Network by Andrew Groves

Artist: Behance / Website / Tumblr

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My X-Men Redesigns!

Students: Storm, Sunfire, Jubilee, Anole, Armor, and Colossus

Faculty: Cyclops and Emma Frost (co-headmasters), Xorn and Rogue (teachers/counselors/squad leaders)

So this would be my take on the X-Men (if i were given the opportunity to reboot it in a different dimension). In this world, Xavier dies and the X-Men disband, but Cyclops, with the help of former villain Emma Frost, attempt to continue Xaviers dream. With Emma using Cerebro, they manage to recruit two other faculty members, Xorn (an openly mutant Chinese scientist) and Rogue (an Avenger). From here they end up recruiting six young mutants and they go on crazy adventures and what not.


Rebloggin’ for the night peeps!

Xorn looks dope

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